Dear Albert,

Please forgive me for having failed to acknowledge the arrival of the hot tub a few weeks ago. I am pleased to inform you that everything went well, and that we are very pleased with the tub.

On the day of the arrival we managed to establish contact with the driver in advance, so we were able to guide him to the site of our cabin. Upon arrival, he was helpful in assisting us carrying the tub the last meters to its site. This took place on Sunday afternoon, so we all had to return to the city just afterwards without having had time to finish the final Assembly of tub and heater.

This wasn’t done until last weekend, when my som and his family went to the cabin for a weekend visit. His report to me after having used it for the first time was simply: «Fantastic!» So it’s safe to say that my wife and I are eagerly looking forward to our turn the coming weekend.

I enclose one picture taken of the tub in its great surroundings on the day of arrival, for your preliminary view. I will get back to you with more pictures and a report in a short time. Thank you.

Kind regards

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